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Issue 9 | February 2023

This issue covers:

  • Upcoming activities for the Student Sunrise project
  • A deeper look into the project’s integrations work
  • The establishment of student advisory groups
  • An introduction to Workday academic appointments
  • The launch of three new technical-focused webpages

Issue 8 | November 2022

This issue covers:

  • Student Sunrise’s readiness measurement plan
  • The launch of Phase 1 of the Graduate Admissions project
  • An introduction to Workday academic calendars
  • Updates on the Workday Student design progress
  • An update to the Workday Student 101: People in Workday page

Issue 7 | August 2022

This issue covers:

  • The launch of new functional pages on the Student Sunrise site
  • The changes in the academic division structure with Workday Student
  • New program and course requirement enforcement in Workday
  • The launch of the People in Workday webpage
  • A recap of sessions held for schools to discuss changes

Issue 6 | June 2022

This issue covers:

  • A preview of Workset B of the Workday Student project
  • The launch of Slate for graduate admissions
  • A picture of our future student system landscape
  • A new approach to course numbering
  • Changing grading options in Workday
  • The launch of the Communications Advisory Group

Issue 5 | April 2022

This issue covers:

  • The introduction of programs of study
  • An overview of change impact validation sessions
  • The introduction of business processes in Workday
  • The launch of the Faculty Advisory Group
  • Benefits of the cloud
  • Effective dating in Workday

Issue 4 | Feb. 2022

This issue covers:

  • The introduction of academic units
  • The replacement of advising systems with Workday
  • Engagement with campus data verifiers
  • A profile of Jane Largen-Ruzicka, director of the ODG
  • Enhancements to SIS between now and go-live
  • The launch of Workday Student 101

Issue 3 | Dec. 2021

This issue covers:

  • Campus teams informing project decisions
  • Strategy for integrating current systems with Workday
  • Student Sunrise and Data Governance collaboration
  • The role of change managers

Issue 2 | Oct. 2021

This issue covers:

  • Kickoff of Workday Student design stage
  • Graduate Admissions Systems project decision
  • Survey insights informing project communications strategy
  • Overview of the Workday Student product

Issue 1 | Aug. 2021

This issue covers:

  • Student Sunrise project launch
  • Discovery Phase achievements
  • Introduction to the Graduate Admissions Systems project
  • New functionality in PowerFAIDS (new Danforth financial aid system)
  • Student Sunrise project branding