We are committed to helping you prepare for the changes to come as part of the Student Sunrise project, most notably from the implementation of Workday Student.

To minimize the bumps that inevitably occur with initiatives like the Student Sunrise project, we have a dedicated team of change managers to help our diverse audiences understand what is changing, why, and what they need to do prepare. Change managers serve as the key points of contact for questions you may have.

All of our change managers have knowledge of WashU, higher education and/or Workday. They serve as liaisons between schools and academic units and the project, each with a portfolio of schools and units they support. Each change manager also has one or more focus areas within the project, such as advising or faculty engagement.

Change managers help share decisions, facilitate discussions about how changes will uniquely impact their areas, and bring questions and feedback from the university community to project leadership. If you have a question or concern, we invite you to reach out to a change manager directly, or through our contact form.

Depending on the type of questions you have, you may wish to contact the change manager for your school or unit, or the change manager who specializes in your area of interest.

Meet your change managers

Andrea Androuais

Senior Change Manager

Lisa Malone

Senior Change Manager

Sean McWilliams

Senior Change Manager

Joe Rehder

Senior Change Manager

By school or unit

  • Arts & Sciences: Sean McWilliams & Danielle Bristow
  • Beyond Boundaries: Sean McWilliams
  • Brown School: Andrea Androuais
  • Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences: Lisa Malone
  • Finance and Financial Aid: Lisa Malone
  • Law School: Andrea Androuais
  • McKelvey School of Engineering: Joe Rehder
  • Olin Business School: Lisa Malone
  • Provost’s Office: Danielle Bristow
  • Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts: Andrea Androuais
  • School of Medicine: Lisa Malone
  • Student Affairs: Joe Rehder
  • Teaching & Learning, Center for: Sean McWilliams
  • University Advancement: Lisa Malone
  • School of Continuing & Professional Studies: Lisa Malone
  • University Libraries: Danielle Bristow
  • University Registrar: Danielle Bristow

By focus area