Meet the WashU Student Sunrise Project team.

In addition to the WashU team, we’re also partnering with Workday Consulting and Huron Consulting Group to help us maximize Workday’s capabilities and build a strong foundation for change.

WashU Sunrise change managers are supporting our schools and academic units as we transition to Workday Student. You will find the change managers below as well as in the Sunrise Change Managers section where they are listed by their focus areas and by the schools and academic units they serve.

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Eddie Anderson

Records and Registration Principal BA

Andrea Androuais

Senior Change Manager

Mecca Baker

Academic Process Lead

Trevor Bilhorn

Student Core Functional Lead

Allison Braun

Senior Communications Specialist

Stephanie Brelsford

Curriculum Functional Lead

Taylor Brewer

Project Coordinator – Functional Team

Kywanda Butler

Project Coordinator

Jason Clevenger

EA Solution Architect

Michael Coffman

Project Director – Technical

Melody Cox

Support Business Analyst

Erin Culbreth

Senior Associate Provost and Executive Director

Kristi Cunningham

Principal Business Analyst

Karen Drullat

Data Conversion Developer

Vivian Eberhardt

Student Financials Functional Lead

Josh Edwards

Technology Transformation Lead

Anne Fisher

Senior Communications Specialist

Jessica Flannery

Cross Functional BA

Melissa Gendron

Business Analyst

Craig Grzechowiak

Support Business Analyst

Jeff Herman

Financial Aid Functional Lead

Andrew Hogan

Student Core Business Analyst

Susan Hood

Testing Lead

Jessica Hung

Change Management Coordinator

Andrew “AJ” Jackson

Data Conversion Developer

Olivia Johns

Instructional Designer

Kelly Johnson

Support Business Analyst

Marissa Kaltwasser

Records and Registration Functional Lead

Tina Kennett

Advising Business Analyst

Alexis Kim

Communications Lead

Sasha Kostenko

Communications & Design Intern

Beth Lee

Project Director – Functional

Maggie Lehman

Project Coordinator – Advising & Curriculum

Hannah Leibovich

Communications & Design Intern

Renee Lowry

Project Manager – Data Conversion and Reporting

Bhakti Malhotra

Technical Team Intern

Lisa Malone

Senior Change Manager

Grace Marker

Technical Writer

Sean McWilliams

Senior Change Manager

Jennifer Milburn

Report Developer and Analyst

Evan Montgomery

Integration Developer

John Moore

Technical Writer

Cyndy Newell

Security Analyst

Dawn Ouchi

Senior Communications Specialist

Jane Pack

Data Conversion Lead

Shelly Parks

Project Coordinator – Data Conversion and Reporting

Tiffany Parrett

Reporting Lead Analyst

Joe Rehder

Senior Change Manager

Rachel Ridings

Project Coordinator

Amanda Ringwald

Instructional Designer

Josie Robinson

Communications Intern

Ellen Rostand

Project Director – Change Management

Jessie Runiewicz

Graduate Slate Lead

Tiffany Saffell

Instructional Designer

Billie Jo Sanchez

Project Manager – Functional

Glen Scholle

Data Conversion Developer

Lisa Spahr

Project Manager – Integrations

Kathy Steiner-Lang

Advising Functional Lead

Meghan Street

Communications Specialist

Lexi Suarez

Communications Intern

Ashby Tyler

Operational Enablement Lead

Adam Ulrich

Integrations Lead

Allyson Whipple

Report Writer/ Analyst

Amy Whittier

Senior Communications Specialist

Darryl S. Williams

Integrations Developer

Jessica Wisner

Cross-functional Business Analyst

Leah Witheiler

Communications & Design Intern

Jacqueline Yoon

Communications & Design Intern

Karen Young

Administrative Assistant

Wenting Yu

Training Intern

Sarah Zierer

Project Manager