Training and self-help materials are available to help you use Slate, WashU’s new graduate admissions system.

Training is underway for the schools and programs that began using Slate in fall 2022. Training will be delivered to different groups throughout the academic year based on when each needs to access the system.

Slate Specialists (designated contacts from each graduate school/program’s admissions office) will receive training first. They will then be responsible for training other impacted groups in their schools and units. As the project launches additional functionality in Slate, our team will host relevant training sessions to support you and your administrative needs.

Your access was determined prior to go-live by the project’s Working Group and will be maintained by the Slate Specialists. This access corresponds to your ability to view the training materials below. If you or someone on your team believes you need access and do not already have it, please contact a Slate Specialist from your school or unit.

Super Users

Slate Specialists and admissions staff with the highest level of access in Slate.

Directors of Admissions, Admissions Chairs & Coordinators

Directors of admissions, admissions chairs, graduate program coordinators, and additional staff who assist in managing admissions.


Faculty/staff who read and provide evaluations on applications as part of a program’s admissions committee.