Workday Student will go-live at WashU over a series of launches during the 2024-25 academic year. Functionality will be enabled based on when processes occur within the academic year.

As each go-live approaches, you can expect to receive information about which system you should use for which tasks when, and how to get help, including available training resources.

At a glance

Go-Live 1: Fall 2024

Staff begin setting up Fall 2025 courses for registration in April.

Go-Live 3: Summer 2025

Schools start using Workday Student for Fall 2025 financial transactions.

Go-Live 2: Spring 2025

Students and advisors prepare for Fall 2025 course registration in April.

Go-Live 4: Fall 2025

Grading and degree conferral occurs in Workday Student.

Key activities and audiences at each go-live 

Go-Live 1: Fall 2024

Starting Sept. 23, 2024, staff members involved in course and course section setup activities will begin using Workday Student to enter Fall 2025 course information. In general, these are staff who use WUCRSL today, including school registrars and department administrators. Schools may ask their instructors to provide curriculum plans earlier than usual so staff have adequate time to set up classes while learning how to use a new system. 

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) will also be in the system confirming all foundational data is ready to go and approving courses.

Watch the Managing Courses webinar from our Workday Student Sneak Peeks series or visit the Registration & Curriculum page to learn more.

Go-Live 2: Spring 2025

Spring 2025 is focused on registration and registration preparation, including advising.

Feb. 17, 2025, is when students and advisors (including faculty) can begin using the system for these activities. Their priority will be preparing for Fall 2025 course registration, which will occur in Workday in April 2025. 

Watch the Advising Students in Workday webinar to learn more.

Students will start using Workday Student to view and update their personal and academic information, such as academic requirements and progress.

New students starting in Fall 2025 will be matriculated, or set up, in Workday Student via integrations with our admissions systems, including Slate. They will use Workday Student to complete onboarding tasks and register for their first semester of classes.

Watch a demo of the student profile and learn more about onboarding in this webinar.

Student Accounting staff will begin setup for Fall 2025 financial processes. 

Go-Live 3: Summer 2025

Starting June 23, 2025, students intending to graduate December 2025 or later will begin to apply for program completion in Workday. 

Schools will begin using Workday Student for Fall 2025 financial transactions. While functionality will become available June 23, most tasks won’t occur until after the new fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2025.  

In July 2025, students will be able to view their Fall 2025 financial account balance, which will reflect their anticipated financial aid. PowerFAIDS remains the primary system students will use to view their full financial aid package both before and after go-live year. 

Go-Live 4: Fall 2025

Grading for Fall 2025 and beyond will occur in Workday Student. As of Spring 2024, we are still determining how the process will work with Canvas; however, we anticipate that Fall 2025 is when most non-advisor faculty/instructors will start using Workday Student for grading-related tasks. 

Students can view financial account balances for all previous semesters. 

The Office of the University Registrar will use Workday Student to generate transcripts and confer degrees for students graduating in December 2025 onward.  

Registrars and other administrative staff, including those in financial aid, will start to use Workday to execute end of term processes related to honors and academic standing.