Will the Student Sunrise project differ from MyDay (Workday HCM & Finance implementation) in any significant ways?

  • Governance: First, the governance structure is different. This project’s work has both a steering committee and an executive committee which helps ensure that the right decisions are made at the right level. 
  • Progress Tracking: Planning, and consequently funding, is being accomplished in phases rather than all at once. The project must clear certain gates or check points before moving to the next phase. 
  • Planning: One of the big lessons learned from Workday HR and Finance implementations (our peers’, as well as our own) is that there is a need for extensive planning and assessment before implementation begins. The project completed a year-long planning and assessment phase to understand desired changes and impacts, prepare for data conversion and integrations, surface risks and onboard the team. This extra runway will better position the project for success. 
  • Complexity: The project is also more complex than HR and Finance due to the number of disparate systems currently used to support student operations and the volume of data housed within those systems. 
  • Design: The design process for the Student implementation is single-threaded rather than concurrent. This means that all members of the project team will participate in all aspects of the design together rather than participating in only the sessions that pertain to their functional areas. This will eliminate silos and surface cross-functional issues and opportunities sooner.