Will we have all past students from SIS in Workday?

When we convert data from SIS to Workday, students already in our current system will be classified either as “active” or “historical.” 

  • Active students will fit at least one of these criteria: are currently enrolled/eligible to enroll in a course; have enrolled and received a course in the three years prior to go-live; and/or have an outstanding balance on their account.
    • Students on a leave of absence will still show as “active” but will be denoted as being on a leave of absence on their record.
  • Historical students are students who are not actively enrolled at WashU, but we can still access their student record for transcript purposes. There is a process in Workday to re-activate historical students and their records. 
    • Once we are live with Workday, no active students will be marked as “historical,” as that is only a label needed when moving data from SIS into Workday. Instead, any student that has withdrawn from the university, been dismissed or suspended, or has completed their program will be marked as “inactive.”