Implementing Workday Student is a major focus of the Student Sunrise project. However, additional projects are needed to fully replace our current SIS environment and support Workday Student at WashU.

Each of these supporting projects is separate from the Workday Student project with its own focus and scope. While the Student Sunrise executive sponsor and executive committee will oversee these projects, some projects may have additional, separate governance teams from that of the Workday Student project. See below for more information on the purpose and scope of each of the Student Sunrise supporting projects.


Discovery Phase

During 2020 and early 2021, the Student Sunrise team conducted an extensive discovery phase focused on strategic activities, risk mitigation and planning efforts to establish a solid foundation for the project.

Refactoring & Integrations

This project manages updates and integrations to downstream systems managed by WashU IT Enterprise Applications. In-scope systems for this effort are part of the core student administrative function and require data feeds from Workday Student for their operations.

Student Stabilization

This project focuses on stabilizing and maintaining support for our existing student systems during the implementation of Workday Student. Minor improvements may be made to our existing systems in cases of urgent need between now and Workday Student go-live.

Data Warehouse & Analytics

The Student Sunrise team is working with the Office of Data Management to enhance the university’s data warehouse model to include student data and create initial student analytical reports for go-live.


Undergraduate Admissions System (Slate)

The university implemented Slate in 2017 to replace our homegrown undergraduate admissions system. Slate will integrate with Workday to share data about admitted students. This key integration is the entry point for student data to our student information system, soon to be Workday.

Graduate Admissions Systems

WashU has seven different graduate admissions systems along with 19 different supporting systems. As part of the Student Sunrise project, we are implementing Slate to consolidate and unify our graduate admissions systems and related processes.   

Financial Aid

Financial Aid System (Danforth PowerFAIDS)

We replaced the university’s aging financial aid system, STAR, with PowerFAIDS, to manage financial aid administration for undergraduate, graduate and law students on the Danforth Campus.