The Student Sunrise project’s leadership and project teams will adhere to the following guiding principles while managing the project, including when making decisions, designing new systems and processes, and engaging the university community.

Understand Impact

The decisions we make will impact groups differently. These impacts need to be assessed, documented and shared through effective connection and collaboration with university stakeholders and end users.​

Adopt Common Practices

We will leverage the functionality of Workday to its fullest, adopting common practices wherever possible.​

Improve Experience

Our new student system is for our students, faculty and the academic staff that support them. Creating an improved experience is paramount.​


Our new student system will continue to evolve. Our initial scope should be manageable to what we can effectively and successfully implement at this time.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Wherever possible, we will reduce administrative burden with our new system and processes.

Embrace Change

This is an opportunity to be innovative and modernize.

Clearly Communicate

To ensure transparency, we will communicate clearly, frequently and directly, both internally within the project and externally to the university community.

Stay Nimble

We will make decisions at the pace needed to ensure we keep the implementation moving forward.

Utilize Governance

We use a clearly defined governance framework for planning, prioritizing and decision-making.