At the outset of the MyDay program, university leadership defined seven goals for the collective implementation of Workday HCM, Finance and Student, plus the creation of a modern data warehouse. These goals are restated below in the context of the Student Sunrise project.

  1. Improve the ability to collect, report and analyze academic and other student-related data needed for decision-making
  2. Enable more consistent, accurate and/or complete student and academic data
  3. Simplify, streamline and, where possible, standardize key academic and student-focused processes 
  4. Ensure that the university’s core student systems can be easily maintained and updated over time 
  5. Improve access to student and other academic data needed to meet regulatory, compliance and accreditation needs 
  6. Provide a positive user experience to students, faculty and academic staff 
  7. Identify and implement opportunities to make academic and other student-focused operations more efficient and effective