Our Workday Student implementation is at the heart of the Student Sunrise project.

Workday Student will serve as our foundational system to support academic operations at WashU. It will replace the 30+ systems that make up our Student Information System (SIS), including WebFAC, WebSTAC and WUCRSL, as well as many additional student support systems operated by our schools and units. Workday also will integrate with other university systems like Slate (undergraduate admissions) and PowerFAIDS (financial aid) to share data and complete core academic processes.

Consolidating many of our student tools into a single, integrated system will help streamline operations, reduce manual processes and provide faster, easier reporting for decision making. And because we’re buying a system instead of building our own, we can better support our systems while addressing schools’ and students’ evolving needs into the future.

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About Workday Student

Workday is a leading provider of cloud-based administrative systems, particularly in higher education. While a few of our peers currently use Workday Student, we are an early adopter of the system and have a unique opportunity to influence the product’s development and functionality to support complex academic research institutions like ours.

Additionally, Workday’s HCM, Finance and Student solutions operate within one unified platform. This means that we’ll have a single, university-wide source for much of our student, finance and human resources data that’s updated in real time in the cloud.

With Workday Student, we’ll be able to more easily answer essential questions in support of our academic mission, like how students with a particular academic profile have performed and who teaches what. Because student, financial and HR data will be housed in one integrated system, we have a powerful new tool that in time will allow us to answer an even broader range of questions.”

Erin Culbreth, Associate Provost & Student Sunrise Executive Project Director

Project Scope

Workday Student Functionality

We are implementing Workday Student’s functionality for the following areas: 

  • Academic Foundations, which includes foundations for the Workday Student system, as well as student records management
  • Course Registration
  • Curriculum Management
  • Advising, including degree auditing
  • Student Financials, which manages student billing and payments

While we will not use Workday Student as our primary tool for the below functionality, we are configuring the system for these areas to ensure that academic processes run properly and data is shared between Workday and other university systems:

  • Recruiting & Admissions: We will continue to use Slate as our undergraduate admissions tool. We are currently implementing a separate instance of Slate to consolidate and unify our graduate admissions systems and processes.  Student records are created in Workday when data for matriculated students syncs to Workday from Slate. We are configuring Workday’s recruiting and admissions modules to support this integration and related processes in Workday.
  • Financial Aid: We will continue to use PowerFAIDS, which recently replaced our legacy STAR system, to administer financial aid on the Danforth Campus. The Medical School Campus likewise will continue to use its own instance of PowerFAIDS. We are configuring Workday’s financial aid module to integrate with both instances of PowerFAIDS.

Other Project Work

In addition to implementing and configuring Workday’s functionality for the above areas, the project team is completing technical work to fully transition student operations to Workday Student, including developing compliance reports for go-live, integrating Workday with other university systems, converting data from our legacy systems to Workday and retiring legacy systems.


The Workday Student implementation is a five-year project that will go live in stages during the 2024-25 academic year. The project timeline includes one year of discovery (2020-21), three years of implementation (2021-24) and one year of go-live activities (2024-25).

Workday Student go-live will look different from Workday HCM and Finance as new functionality will be released on a rolling basis throughout the 2024-25 academic year. The first academic year in which we will operate entirely within Workday is 2025-26.

View the Student Sunrise timeline web page for more information on the each of project’s stages.

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The Workday Student project is currently in the Architect, Configure & Prototype Stage (ACP), the second of five implementation stages. The bulk of future state design work occurs during this stage, which begins in October 2021 and concludes in July 2023. In ACP, the project team gathers academic process requirements and technical specifications, then uses them to configure the software solution. The team also prepares for testing activities during this stage.