Advancing WashU’s academic mission by using information to understand and support the needs of our community

Student Sunrise is a once-in-a-generation project that will replace many of the information systems that currently support WashU’s academic areas, reimagine operations in the academic and student support space, and seek to improve student outcomes and experiences during their time at WashU.

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Workday Student

Workday Student will replace many of the systems that currently support academic operations at WashU.

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Our Leadership

Our leadership teams ensure the diverse interests of our community are represented in project planning and decision-making.

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Other Projects

Discover other projects our team is working on to replace our current SIS and support Workday Student at WashU.

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Student System Inventory

The Student System Inventory is an account of all systems that currently support our academic operations and will inform the project’s data conversion and integrations work. We appreciate your help to review the inventory and ensure we have a complete account of all known systems.

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Introducing Workday Student

Introducing Workday Student
Implementing Workday to support WashU’s academic operations is a key component of the Student Sunrise project.

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