We are looking to engage students whose interests align with the goals of the Student Sunrise project.

We are establishing separate but related strategies to best engage students on the Danforth and School of Medicine campuses.

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Danforth Campus

The Student Sunrise project, through the Office of the Provost, is establishing two student advisory groups to support the project from now through spring 2026. Each group will be composed of approximately 12 students who are aligned with Danforth undergraduate and graduate, professional and continuing education students.

Application Timeline

Why join?

Students will have the unique opportunity to serve on a selective university-wide committee that will contribute to the success of a once-in-a-generation project and will advise how to best engage with, inform and communicate with the undergraduate and graduate student communities. 

Students will not only have a peek into Workday Student – an industry-leading administrative technology that will replace WebSTAC, WUCRSL and more – but also contribute to the modernization of systems and processes at WashU and expand their network of students, faculty and staff across campus. 

Roles and responsibilities

  • Advise on how to best engage their peers and the larger student community​ 
  • Advise on strategies and channels to communicate with students 
  • Assess the changes that Workday Student will have on the student experience 
  • Participate in and promote readiness and testing activities 

Time commitment

The student advisory groups will kick off in April 2023. Between Spring ’23 and Fall ’24, the advisory groups will meet twice each semester and once in the summer, virtually. Depending on the interests of the group, there may be additional meetings scheduled. 

The meeting cadence between fall ’24 and go-live is still to be determined. Students will have optional activities (like testing the system and reviewing self-help materials) outside of meeting times. 

Students may plan to spend approximately 4-6 hours per semester​ engaged with their advisory group.  

Medical Campus

The Student Sunrise project plans to engage students at the School of Medicine to increase knowledge about the transition to Workday Student.  

Key Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Establish open communication with students by sharing where we are in the project 
  • Transparently share how WUSM leadership, staff and faculty are partnering with the project on system design 
  • Introduce for awareness Workday Student functionality that students on the Medical Campus may use (with a focus on awareness).  
  • Request feedback on training and other resource materials 
  • Provide an opportunity to participate in optional readiness and testing activities 

While some students will graduate before Workday Student goes live in spring 2025, we hope that the insight current student students can provide will enhance the effectiveness of future engagements with students on the Medical Campus. 

Student Recruitment 

The Sunrise project is working with each program area to identify students to serve on the WUSM Student Advisory Group. If you are a student in a School of Medicine program and have questions about the Student Advisory Group, please contact Danielle Bristow, Change Lead, at danielle_bristow@wustl.edu  


I’m graduating or plan to study abroad before Spring 2025, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply! Because these advisory groups span a number of years, we expect some turnover. 

Will I be able to decide what the system looks like? 

Members of a student advisory group will be able to see and interact with Workday Student prior to the rest of the university but will not be making any decisions about its appearance or functionality. Rather, students will advise the project on how to inform students of expected changes and prepare students to use Workday Student  

Do I need a background in IT or computer systems? 

No, you do not. While we encourage students from all backgrounds to apply, we are particularly interested in students who are excited about the project and willing to provide feedback and engage with their peers.