The Student Sunrise project, through the Office of the Provost, has established three student advisory groups to support the project from now through spring 2026. We are utilizing separate but related strategies to best engage students on the Danforth and Medical campuses. These university-wide advisory groups are key to the success of the Student Sunrise project and advise the project on how to best engage and communicate with the undergraduate and graduate student communities. 

We also are engaging students through a project internship program. Student interns contribute to project work in communications, training development and project management and serve as an additional sounding board for proposed changes and impacts to students.

Danforth Campus advisory groups

  • Advise on how to best engage their peers and the larger student community​ 
  • Advise on strategies and channels to communicate with students 
  • Assess the changes that Workday Student will have on the student experience 
  • Participate in and promote readiness and testing activities 

Medical Campus advisory group

  • Establish open communication with students by sharing where we are in the project 
  • Transparently share how WUSM leadership, staff and faculty are partnering with the project on system design 
  • Introduce for awareness Workday Student functionality that students on the Medical Campus may use (with a focus on awareness).  
  • Request feedback on training and other resource materials 
  • Provide an opportunity to participate in optional readiness and testing activities 

While some students will graduate before Workday Student goes live in spring 2025, we hope that the insight current student students can provide will enhance the effectiveness of future engagements with students on the Danforth and Medical Campuses. 


Undergraduate Student Advisory Group

Arts & Sciences

  • Dhyuti Venkataraman, Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities and Philosophy: Law and Policy​
  • Ayana Alston, Major in American Culture Studies, second major in Women, Gender and Sexuality studies, minor in Sociology​
  • Michael Lee, B.S. in Math and B.S. in Economics​
  • Lucia Umbreit, Considering Applied Mathematics with a Minor in Computer Science​
  • Talia Shaw, Considering Biology​

Sam Fox

  • Omeed Moshirfar BFA Major in Communication Design, (considering second major in Supply Chain, Operation, and Technology) and a minor in Computer Science; Beyond Boundaries​
  • Arielle Meisel, Architecture​


  • Jeremy Stiava, B.S. in Computer Science and second major Political Science (considering a minor in Applied Economics)​
  • Ben Cook, B.S. in Systems Engineering​
  • Alison Lim, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, minor in Design ​
  • Dorian Marr, B.S. Computer Science, minor in Anthropology ​


  • Francisco Lucca, BSBA Major in Economics and Strategy, second major in English Literature: Creating Writing Focus, minor in Business of the Arts​
  • Celine Malzoum, BS Business Administration (considering Finance and Marketing)
Graduate, Professional and Continuing Education Student Advisory Group

Arts & Sciences

  • Laura Evers, PhD in English and American Literature​


  • Kyria Brown, PhD in Social Work​
  • Junlachak (Peter) Siriprakorn, MSW, admitted to PhD in Social Work Fall 2023​


  • Asia Hayes, MSW (Brown) and JD​*
  • Muad Aljuhany, JSD in Law


  • Aditya Agnihalli Rajendra, Masters in Engineering Management​
  • Janet Deyarmin, Online Master of Cybersecurity Management​
  • Gonzalo Berluzconi, Masters in Engineering Management​

School of Continuing & Professional Studies

  • Teresa Braunseis, Certificate in Forensic Psychology​
  • Monique Stoves, B.S. in Integrated Studies ​


  • DaFene Brown, MBA​
  • Gonzalo Berluzconi, PMBA

Sam Fox

  • Quinn Adam, Architecture
Medical Campus Student Advisory Group

Applied Health Behavior Research

  • Angie Trammel

Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

  • Judith Sokei
  • Kate Wardenburg (Medical Scientist Training Program)​
  • Zahra Dhanerawala (Medical Scientist Training Program)​
  • Birk Evavold (Medical Scientist Training Program)​

Medical Physics

  • Isabella Salerno


  • Alyssa Cicalo
  • Brynne Stevens

Doctor of Medicine

  • Yazan Rouphail
  • Jesus Bazan Villicana (Medical Scientist Training Program)​

Occupational Therapy

  • Mia Pearce
  • Ronelle Williams

Physical Therapy

  • Harrisen Egly