Students, faculty, and staff will have access to a wide range of resources to begin learning Workday Student. Like anything new, it will take time to feel comfortable with the new system. If you currently use Workday for HR or Finance tasks like submitting time, requesting time off, submitting expenses, electing benefits, or viewing your paycheck, you are already familiar with how Workday looks and feels because it is all one, integrated system. 

Because we have a wide range of learning styles and preferences at WashU, resources will be available in many different formats including: 


Written step-by-step instructions to guide you through a particular task or process.  


A visual, narrated, step-by step walkthrough of specific tasks and processes.  

Reference guides

A collection of tutorials, screen captures, and background information that a particular user might need. Examples include a guide for students focused on registration or a guide for those who teach classes or advise students.  

eLearning courses

Online and self-paced computer-based classes that guide you through multiple topics within a specific function.  

Most training will be available for you to take on your own schedule, whenever you want or need the information. We will offer some scheduled, instructor-led classes for heavy users of the system who need to complete complex tasks (e.g. registrars).  

Training materials will be released in waves, delivered just-in-time and in coordination with the functionality released in each of the four go-lives. In the spring and fall of 2024, we will hold workshops to pilot some of our training resources with end users. In fall of 2024, we will also host activities for students so they have a chance to experience the system before they register for Fall 25 classes.

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You will be able to access all training and support resources regardless of what you need to do in the system. Resources and other information will be available on the Workday@WashU website, which is being updated to integrate support materials for Workday Student.