Workday’s pre-built reports will address much of our academic and student reporting needs. In some cases, however, we need to create additional custom reports.

The Sunrise team has been collecting reporting needs from a variety of campus partners, including members of our campus teams, department leaders, as well as those who use data to satisfy compliance and regulatory needs. We are analyzing these report requests to determine which can be met by Workday’s native functionality and which may need custom reports.

We’re prioritizing building the reports needed immediately for go-live in AY2024-25. We will continue to build reports after go-live, once our users have a chance to experience Workday’s full functionality.

Submit your reporting needs

To ensure we don’t have any critical gaps in our collection efforts, we’ve compiled a list (aka a report) of reporting needs that we’ve already captured. We invite you to review what’s been submitted that might either overlap with your duties or jog your memory of another report you want to mention to us.

When reviewing, consider:

  • What lists or data do you need at the beginning or end of a semester to either do a task, communicate with faculty or staff, or communicate with students?
  • Are there lists or data that you need that refer to a time element, such as “over the past two semesters” or “in the past three weeks”?
  • What lists do you need to perform a function, and what data needs to be included to perform that function?
  • What lists have you created or received in the past that had incomplete information/data that you wish could be added in the future?

Please note, this is a list of reports submitted to the Sunrise team for their report analysis, not a list of reports that will be available when Workday goes live.

Some of today’s reporting needs will be fulfilled by information or functionality readily available in Workday without a report. The team is analyzing the submissions for what information is being used and how, then determining how that information can best be provided, whether that’s through a report, a screen or a solution outside Workday

This list does not include any requests made directly by the Student Sunrise project’s functional teams.

Contact us

If you have an additional submissions or notice any content gaps when you’re reviewing, please contact Reporting Lead Jennifer Milburn.