WashU will use five approved systems to manage recruitment and admissions. These systems will integrate with Workday Student to matriculate accepted applicant records.

The Sunrise project team assessed Workday’s admissions functionality and determined it does not yet meet WashU’s unique needs, particularly for graduate recruitment and admissions. Instead, we will configure Workday to integrate with Slate and other admissions systems to ensure data consistency, streamline academic processes, and align student onboarding.

We will use Slate to:

  • Manage relationships with prospective applicants and prospective students
  • Track communication (email, live, text) between prospective applicants and their programs of interest
  • Track the admissions lifecycle from recruitment to matriculation
  • Review and evaluate applications
  • Publish admissions decisions and accept enrollment responses
  • Report on institutional data related to admissions

We will use Workday Student to:

  • Integrate with admissions systems to create a central source for admissions data, stronger alignment between schools and more consistent data
  • Create student records when data for admitted students syncs from Slate or other systems
  • Kick off student onboarding activities, such as WUSTL key generation, which will create a more streamlined experience for students

Key Terms

We will have two definitions of matriculation in the future: Workday matriculation and FERPA matriculation.

In Workday, matriculation occurs once a student has finalized their application and accepted an offer for admission. Matriculation allows Workday to create records for incoming students and kick off onboarding processes in the system.

By FERPA rules, matriculation occurs on the first day of class. This definition of matriculation will continue to drive university policies and processes that rely on matriculation dates.


WashU will use a combination of Workday, Slate, and other systems, including AMP, AdmissionPros and 2U, for a range of admissions activities.

WashU has used Slate to manage undergraduate admissions since 2017. Slate also will integrate with or replace many of our graduate admissions systems as part of the Graduate Admissions project.

While the recruitment and admissions functions for traditional, residential undergraduate students are centralized, these functions and systems vary across schools for our graduate and professional programs. Having so many systems creates an inconsistent experience for students applying to multiple programs and makes it challenging to report on enrollment management as a whole. The system variation also makes it impossible to develop comprehensive, university-wide admissions strategies or analyze university-wide admissions data.

Consolidating graduate admissions management with Slate and Workday will alleviate these challenges, improving the admissions experience for our students, staff and faculty, while empowering university leadership to be more strategic in this area.

Some graduate programs use centralized application services (CAS) to remain competitive in their discipline and will integrate with Slate.

View the programs integrating with Slate on the Graduate Admissions webpage »



Please contact Andrea Androuais, the project’s Admissions change manager, who serves as a liaison between the WashU community and the project. 

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Graduate Admissions project complete

Graduate Admissions project complete
The Graduate Admissions project concluded Phase II in March 2024, marking the end of the two-and-a-half-year effort to consolidate and streamline graduate admissions systems and processes at WashU.