Over time, WashU’s student information environment has increasingly struggled to support our operational and informational needs. Our schools and units have implemented more than 100 different systems to fill functionality gaps. 

Approximately 30 of these systems are part of WashU’s student information system (SIS), a complex matrix of separate but connected systems and applications, like WebSTAC, WebFAC and course listings. SIS acts as the official record of the university, containing academic records and data for all WashU students. 

The university has chosen Workday Student to replace SIS, as well as many of our other outdated and fragile systems. With the adoption and implementation of Workday Student, many of our current issues with system gaps and inconsistent data will be addressed

Future systems landscape 

While approximately 80 systems will be replaced by Workday Student, PowerFAIDS, Slate or another system, some of our currently used systems will remain in use. For example, Workday Student will replace all advising systems, but we will continue to use Canvas for learning management. 

Learn how the project determined which systems will be replaced or retained.  


Of the systems being retained, some will have connections, or integrations, with Workday Student. For example, we are integrating Workday with Slate to pull in new student information from admissions. 

Learn more about integrations, including the process to set them up.  

Data Governance 

During system configuration, the project team is collaborating with the Office of Data Governance to catalog academic and student data terminology. These terms will have common definitions to help faculty and staff better understand and leverage WashU’s data.

Learn more about how this practice benefits the university.

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