Student Sunrise project

The Student Sunrise project’s transformative work will span five years from the start of discovery to post-go-live stabilization.

The project’s timeline allows our team to conduct rigorous planning, testing and community engagement to not only replace our current student information systems but also ensure our new solutions advance our academic mission and support the needs of our community.  

Workday Student

The Workday Student implementation is a five-year project that will go live in stages during the 2024-25 academic year. The project timeline includes one year of discovery (2020-21), three years of implementation (2021-24), and one year of go-live activities (2024-25).

New functionality on Workday Student will be released on a rolling basis throughout the 2024-25 academic year. The first academic year in which we will operate entirely within Workday is 2025-26.

Graduate Admissions

The Graduate Admissions project implemented Slate in two phases. Phase 1 program applications went live Fall 2022, and Phase 2 in Fall 2023.