The Student Sunrise project’s transformative work will span five years from the start of discovery to post-go-live stabilization.

The project’s timeline allows our team to conduct rigorous planning, testing and community engagement to not only replace our current student information systems but also ensure our new solutions advance our academic mission and support the needs of our community.  

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Project stages

Each project within the Student Sunrise portfolio will move through six stages of work: Discovery; Plan; Architect, Configure & Prototype; Testing; Deploy; and Stabilization.  

The Discovery Stage within each project is not to be confused with the Student Sunrise Discovery Phase Project. Prior to kick-off, the Student Sunrise project completed a year-long discovery effort focused on strategic activities, risk mitigation and planning efforts to inform all Student Sunrise projects, including the Workday Student implementation, Graduate Admissions solution and others.  

Discovery Stage

During the Discovery Stage, the project team documents our current state (how we do things today), develops the business case for the project and obtains funding. If necessary, software selection also occurs during this stage. 

Plan Stage

During the Plan Stage, the project team finalizes the project plan, scope and strategies that will be used throughout the project, including strategies for integrations, data conversion and change management. Additionally, the team conducts hiring and defines team members’ roles and responsibilities.  

Architect, Configure & Prototype Stage (ACP)

The bulk of future state design work occurs during the Architect, Configure & Prototype Stage. The project team gathers academic process requirements and technical specifications, then uses them to configure the software solution. The team also prepares for testing activities during this stage.  

Testing Stage

During this stage, the project team conducts several rounds of testing to confirm that the system works as designed. The team also finalizes cutover plans to transition operations from our legacy systems to our new systems.

Deploy Stage

Training and final go-live preparations occur during the Deploy Stage. 

Stabilization Stage

The Stabilization Stage serves to address any post-go-live fixes and ensure the system is stable for operations. The project team also conducts knowledge transfer to the support team during this time.