Workday will change the way we access and report student and other academic data.

We use a variety of data – such as student names, academic programs, course offerings and more – to conduct academic and student operations at WashU. Today, this data is stored in many places and is difficult to collect and organize. Access to some data even requires a personal request, which is time consuming and inefficient.

With Workday, much of the data needed to support day-to-day student and academic operations will be accessible in one system. Workday also gives us options for organizing this data to help you find the information you need.

As part of the Student Sunrise project, we’re working with partners from across the university to understand how we use our data today to plan for future reporting within Workday.

Learn more about our how we are identifying reporting needs and submit your own »

What is reporting? 

While many of us don’t consider “data” and “reporting” part of our work and personal lives, reporting is all around us every day.

Every month when you get your account statement from the bank, that’s a report. When you make a list of what groceries are low in your pantry, that’s a (very low-tech) report. When you are looking for a list of students in a certain class, or you want to know the grades a certain student received in all their classes, those are reports.

Our strategy

The Sunrise team is reviewing Workday’s pre-configured reports to evaluate how they meet our needs for academic and student data, and, when needed, adjusting these existing reports or building completely new ones. 

Once live, Workday will be the system of record for all active student data and the primary source for reporting on academic and student data. Data on pre-2021 students will be available in Workday, but reporting on this population will be limited. 

We’ll continue to assess the university’s needs and build new reports or adjust existing reports after Workday Student is live, once faculty and staff have experienced the full functionality of the system.