Is it possible to report on multiple academic units?

Yes, that is possible for academic units that roll up to each other.

Workday also offers functionality to group AUs for reporting purposes, called an academic unit hierarchy. An AU hierarchy is related to but separate from the AU structure. It does not consider the subordinate/superior relationship of the AU structure.

For example, WashU could create an AU hierarchy that groups all STEM academic units to pull data related to faculty, students or courses in these areas. Since these units span across schools, such as the School of Medicine, McKelvey School of Engineering, and Arts & Sciences, the AU structure would not be able to provide this data since those schools are separate within WashU’s academic unit structure. An AU hierarchy, however, allows for the dotted-line relationship that is needed. And while there can only be one AU structure in Workday, multiple AU hierarchies or “groupings” may exist.

AU hierarchy example
AU hierarchy example (Click to enlarge)

In addition to the AU hierarchy, Workday also offers other organization types and data for reporting needs. These include supervisory organizations, locations, cost centers, funds and others. For example, if a user needs a report on all faculty in the Department of Oncology located in the Wohl Clinic, they may use the supervisory organization and location of the faculty member’s position to gather that information.