The Student Sunrise project is committed to engaging the WashU community, including students, throughout the project to capture the various needs and viewpoints of our schools and academic units.

Campus participants will be engaged in all key project activities, including process and system design, testing, data conversion, system integrations, training development and more. Engagements may include surveys, focus groups and ad hoc meetings, as well as formal partnerships through project governance, campus teams and advisory groups.

Advisory groups

Advisory groups serve as part of Student Sunrise’s governance structure and provide insight and guidance to the project’s governance teams. Current advisory groups include:

IT Leaders Advisory Group

The IT Leaders Advisory Group is composed of IT leads in each of the schools and central units most impacted by the project. This group offers perspectives and recommendations to the project team regarding technical and other decisions, in addition to supporting engagement with the project within their school or unit. The group also provides feedback on timelines, resource plans, technical strategies, risks and impacts related to their school or unit.


  • Michael Coffman, Student Sunrise technical project director
  • Josh Edwards, Student Sunrise technology transformation director


  • Omar AIRefae, director Enterprise Applications, Student Domain
  • Jason Bengtson, head of Library Technology Services, Olin Library
  • Herschell Clark, computer systems manager, Olin Business School
  • Paula Crews, senior associate of strategy and marketing, Olin Business School
  • Jill Fechtman, assistant director Enterprise Applications, Student Domain
  • Ben Geers, senior director of computing & IT services, McKelvey School of Engineering
  • Joanna Kim-Keller, IT project manager, Enterprise Applications
  • Kenneth Keller, senior director for IT service management, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Samantha Lacy, senior computer systems manager, Brown School
  • Christie Livingston, manager of financial operations
  • Emily Thompson, director of online programs, School of Medicine
  • Daniel Tjandrasa, director of information technology, School of Law
  • Richard Viehmann, computer systems manager, Sam Fox School
Faculty Advisory Group

The Faculty Advisory Group will counsel the project team about how to best engage and support faculty as the university transitions to Workday Student. Members represent all schools, and their nominations come from Student Sunrise Steering Committee members and school deans. Learn more »


Mary McKay, vice provost of interdisciplinary initiatives


  • Steven Ambler, associate professor of physical therapy and orthopaedic surgery, School of Medicine
  • Yehuda Ben-Shahar, professor of biology, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Sergio Chayet, senior lecturer in supply chain, operations and technology, Olin Business School
  • Erik Dane, associate professor of organizational behavior, Olin Business School
  • John Early, senior lecturer in art, Sam Fox School
  • Amy Eyler, associate professor of public health, Brown School
  • Christopher Gill, professor of computer science and engineering, McKelvey School of Engineering
  • Peter Kastor, professor of history and American culture studies, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Denise Lieberman, adjunct professor, Law School
  • Ryan Lindsay, associate professor of practice, Brown School
  • Steve Mennerick, interim associate dean for graduate education, Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences; professor of psychiatry and neuroscience, School of Medicine
  • Robert Mark Morgan, director of Beyond Boundaries; teaching professor of drama, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Linda C. Samuels, associate professor of urban design, Sam Fox School
  • Quinn Tyminski, assistant professor of occupational therapy, School of Medicine
  • Patricia Widder, associate director of undergraduate studies and principal lecturer, McKelvey School of Engineering
  • Michael Wysession, executive director of the Center for Teaching and Learning; professor of earth and planetary science, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Iva Youkilis, teaching professor of Italian, School of Arts & Sciences
Communications Advisory Group

The Student Sunrise Communications Advisory Group advises and, as needed, supports communications and engagement strategies for their schools and units. Members were nominated by the Student Sunrise Steering Committee and school/unit communications leads.

  • Kyla Evans, recruitment and communications coordinator, DBBS
  • Jen Gann, publications editor, Registrar’s Office
  • Kurt Greenbaum, director of communications, Olin Business School
  • Billy Gutierrez, director of communications and technology, Law School
  • Jon Hinderliter, director of communications, Brown School
  • Sharon Johnston, senior communications specialist, Office of Data Governance
  • Danielle Lacey, integrated marketing manager, McKelvey School of Engineering
  • Brian Lallish, communications specialist, WashU IT
  • Juli Leistner, director of editorial services and digital content, School of Medicine
  • Kathleen O’Donnell, graduate admissions coordinator, Sam Fox School
  • Chelsea Peterson, director of strategic initiatives, Student Affairs
  • Mary Ryan, change management, communications lead, Workday HCM/FIN Support Team
  • Jenny Sinamon, communications specialist, Student Affairs
  • Kimberly Singer, director of communications, University Libraries
  • Andrew Thorp, senior director of student engagement and communications, University College
  • LaRanda Parnacher Turner, marketing manager, Arts & Sciences
  • Katherine Welsch, marketing communications strategist, Undergraduate Admissions and Aid
  • Nygel Williams, manager of education administration, School of Medicine
  • Kelly Wiese Niemeyer, senior news editor, University Marketing and Communications

Campus teams

During the Workday Student implementation, the Sunrise project is working with five campus teams aligned to Workday’s functional areas: 

  1. Academic Foundations & Admissions Campus Team
  2. Advising, Degree Audit & Curriculum Campus Team
  3. Financial Aid Campus Team
  4. Records & Registration Campus Team
  5. Student Financials Campus Team

These teams will be engaged from the beginning of the Architect, Configure & Prototype Stage through go-live. They provide insight into current academic practices in each school, including any unique requirements we need to take into consideration during the design and configuration of Workday.

In addition to providing insight into Workday’s configuration, campus teams also play a critical role to help prepare the university for go-live by participating in a range of change management, communications and training activities to ensure their schools and units are ready to begin using the system. 

Learn more about campus team formation and activities.

View campus team participants by team and by school/unit (Box) »  

Campus Data Verifier Team

Campus data verifiers will help in the data conversion process required to move our data from SIS and other systems to Workday Student. Data verifiers will review converted data in Workday against current systems at regular intervals throughout the project to confirm that the data is mapping as expected.

View list of campus data verifiers (Box) »

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