Student Sunrise is a once-in-a-generation project that will replace many of the systems that currently support WashU’s academic areas, reimagine operations in the academic and student support space, and over time improve the student experience.

What’s included in Student Sunrise?

Through this project, we are rethinking how we serve our students in key areas like registration, advising, curriculum and student financials through new systems and processes.

Workday Student

Workday Student will become WashU’s foundational system to support academic operations during the 2024-25 academic year, replacing SIS and other core systems. Learn more about the project.

The transition brings with it new concepts, terminology and changes that will drive how we operate. Visit Workday Student 101 to learn more.

Foundations & Records

Foundations and records include core components that drive how students and information are managed and organized, like academic calendars and programs of study.


Undergraduate and graduate admissions systems will connect with Workday Student to matriculate applicant records, and graduate systems will be unified.


Workday Student will become the universal tool for advising, including appointment scheduling, pre-registration support, progress tracking and final degree audits.

Courses & Registration

Students will view and register for courses in Workday Student, which has robust enrollment access management tools like waitlisting and prerequisite enforcement.


Workday’s student financials and financial aid functionality will ensure students receive accurate tuition bills and can view fees and aid posted to their accounts.

Graduate Admissions & Slate Training

As part of the Student Sunrise project, we are implementing Slate to consolidate and unify graduate admissions systems and related processes.   

Who’s involved in Sunrise?

Project Team & Leadership

Collectively, these groups represent the diverse interests of our community and are involved in project planning and decision-making.

Campus Participants

Students, faculty and staff provide feedback on how Workday Student should be configured and how changes will affect their areas.

Sunrise Spotlight Project Newsletter

What’s on the horizon for Workday Student?

What’s on the horizon for Workday Student?

Advisors, instructors, students, and other affected stakeholder groups will begin to see and hear more details of our transition to Workday Student beginning fall 2023.  

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