As part of the Student Sunrise project, we are implementing Slate to consolidate and unify our graduate admissions systems and related processes.   

The Graduate Admissions Systems project seeks to address challenges with our current graduate admissions process, such as complicated manual data entries and data inaccuracies that make analysis and communications difficult for our faculty and staff. With a new, modern solution in Slate, faculty will be able to more easily participate in the admissions process and access the data they need to make timely decisions. A new solution will also mean a smoother process for applicants and reduced manual work for staff.   

About Slate

Workday’s admissions functionality is still evolving and does not yet meet our needs, so we are pursuing a third-party solution in Slate. Implemented in 2017, Slate is the system we use for undergraduate admissions and can integrate with Workday and PowerFAIDS, WashU’s new financial aid system. Many of our peer institutions have likewise moved to third-party systems for graduate admissions, noting improvements in their ability to assess their programs and access key data for decision making, in addition to having a system that is easier to use and support.  

The need for a new solution

Huron Consulting Group, one of our partners for the Workday Student implementation, recommends that we consolidate our graduate admissions systems to mitigate risks related to our current environment and prepare for the transition to Workday.   

During the Student Sunrise Discovery Phase, Huron identified seven main systems and 19 additional technologies supporting graduate admissions across the university. Our current process requires significant manual work as steps are completed across multiple systems. Additionally, many of these systems are old and unstable, requiring costly upkeep and complicated fixes.   

It also is not feasible to integrate all our current technologies with Workday.  A unified solution for graduate admissions would create an easier integration with Workday and reduce risk related to maintaining multiple aging systems.  


Most of the university’s PhD, master’s and professional programs will migrate to Slate. At this time, the MD Program and University College are out of scope.

Some programs, such as Law, PT, OT and the Master of Public Health program at the Brown School, leverage common application systems that all peers use. To remain competitive, this project will not replace those systems. Instead, these programs will use Slate in addition to existing systems to enhance functionality, increase reporting and enable better data.  


Phase 1

August 2022 go-live

All current CollegeNET programs, including summer research programs and fellowships​, will migrate to Slate during Phase 1. This includes:

  • Arts & Sciences programs
  • McKelvey School of Engineering programs
  • Olin Business School doctoral programs
  • 19 School of Medicine programs
  • Brown School programs
  • Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts programs

Phase 2

November 2022 – Fall 2023

During Phase 2, other programs not using CollegeNet will fully transition to Slate.

CAS users will continue to use their application systems and will integrate with Slate at this time. This includes:

  • School of Law
  • Olin Business School
  • In-scope School of Medicine programs, including Physical Therapy doctorate programs, and Occupational Therapy master’s and doctorate programs

Project leadership 

In addition to the project team, a core team and working group provide direction on key decisions, including the selection of Slate as the new graduate admissions system.

Core Team
  • Erin Culbreth, Associate Provost & Student Sunrise Executive Project Director
  • Sarah Grantham​, Business Analyst/Slate Captain​
  • Jason Clevenger, Solution Architect​
  • Ben Englert, Technical Lead/Slate Captain
  • Ryan Mulvaney, Business Analyst​
  • Dan Skillington, Business Analyst
  • Jane Sterling, Project Manager
  • Jessie Runiewicz, Business Analyst/Graduate Admissions Slate Lead
Working Group 
  • Jamie Adkisson-Hennessy, Director of Admissions & Recruitment, Brown School 
  • Andrew Richards​, Director, Graduate Admissions​, DBBS
  • Na’nette Ashford​, Director, Graduate Admissions​, Arts & Sciences
  • Cathy Freesmeier​, Associate Dean​, McKelvey School of Engineering
  • Tammy Kampwerth​, Director, Graduate Admissions, McKelvey School of Engineering
  • Jessica Hatch​, Associate Director, Doc Admissions and Student Affairs​, Olin School of Business
  • Kim Selle​, Senior Executive Director, Undergraduate Admissions​
  • Kenndall Dolan​, Senior Director, WashU IT​
  • Taylor Yocom, Graduate Recruitment Specialist, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
  • Emily Thompson, School of Medicine
OCM Partners
  • Meghan Street, Communications Coordinator
  • Andrea Androuais, Senior Change Manager
  • Ellen Rostand, Sunrise Project Director, OCM