Workday Student

New webpages detail what’s changing with Workday Student

The Sunrise team recently published five new webpages that begin to illustrate what academic and student support will look like in the future with Workday Student. The pages align to each of WashU’s core academic and student functions impacted by the Student Sunrise project:

*Academic Foundations represent core components within Workday Student that support all the areas listed above. Included under the Academic Foundations umbrella (also known as “Student Core”) are WashU’s academic structure, programs of study and credentials, academic periods and calendars, dates, student eligibility rules, and more. This webpage also addresses the management of student records, which drive things like student registration, academic records and institutional academic policies in Workday.

On these pages, you can read about key changes, as well as anticipated challenges or wins resulting from the project, like improved academic progress tracking for students and advisors and automated pre- and co-requisite management during registration. The webpages also detail which academic tasks and processes will be managed in Workday Student compared with other student systems. You can find several other educational resources and project team contact information on these pages, as well.

The Sunrise team will update the website throughout the project as we configure more of Workday and learn how changes may impact the campus community.