Readiness Workday Student

Get an early peek at Workday Student

Faculty and staff can now register for Workday Student Sneak Peeks, a new webinar series premiering January 2024.

This series is designed to prepare faculty, staff, and eventually students, for changes coming with our new student information system and give attendees an opportunity to see different aspects of the system that they will be using.

One of several readiness activities planned over the next two years, Sneak Peeks will address how Workday manages key academic and student support activities, including registration, advising, course management, instructor support, student financials, end of term processing and more.

“This project has been a great opportunity for registrars, advisors and others from across our schools and academic units to come together and reimagine how we support our students. As we’ve configured Workday, we’ve aligned processes and terminology to create a smoother, more equitable student experience that better supports their academic success at WashU.”

Erin Culbreth, senior associate provost and Student Sunrise executive project director

While there is inherent change when moving to a new system – things look different or are organized in a new way – the bigger impacts will be to how students, faculty and staff complete their everyday work.

“We designed the Sneak Peek series to showcase what’s changing, including things that we think are big wins for the university, as well as some processes that may be more challenging,” said Ellen Rostand, assistant vice chancellor and Student Sunrise project director for change management. “This way, when we begin to roll out Workday in Fall 2024, people know better what to expect when navigating the system and what training and support materials are available to them.”

The Sneak Peeks are designed for faculty and staff who teach, advise or support students in any capacity. All instructors, registrars, advisors and departmental administrators are encouraged to attend, as well as those who manage course and curriculum information, student financials or financial aid.

Faculty and staff Sneak Peeks are scheduled throughout 2024 and 2025, and a separate series is planned for students beginning Fall 2024. Each topic will be offered twice over Zoom, and session recordings will be published on the Sunrise website.

Registration is now open for faculty and staff sessions occurring between January and June 2024. View session information and register »