Campus Engagement

Students recruited for advisory groups 

Sunrise begins student engagement with student advisory groups. 

To begin to gain the student perspective, the project is establishing advisory groups to best engage students on the Danforth and School of Medicine campuses. 

McWilliams, co-chair of the student advisory groups, speaks with students at the career fair Jan. 31.

For students on the Danforth campus, the project is standing up two advisory groups: one for undergraduate students and one for graduate, professional and continuing education students. Students on these advisory groups will make recommendations on how to best engage with, inform and communicate with the undergraduate and graduate student communities.  

Co-chairs Danielle Bristow, change lead, and Sean McWilliams, change manager, along with Meghan Street, communications specialist and Arts & Sciences ’21, have led the recruitment efforts, presenting at student group meetings and tabling across campus. 

“We are so excited to start bringing students into the mix,” said Bristow. “We know that the student perspective will be valuable in preparing WashU for Workday Student. They’ll help the project figure out how to best reach students and ensure that the student perspective is considered in our readiness activities.” 

Applications to the Danforth campus student advisory groups close Feb. 24. The project will announce members in mid-March. The student advisory groups will first meet April 2023 and will continue to meet twice per semester moving forward.  

Recruitment timeline for Danforth advisory groups. Click to enlarge.

For the School of Medicine, the project is working with each program area to identify students to serve on the school’s advisory group. Students serving on this advisory group will provide insight into the current student experience, which will enhance the effectiveness of future engagements with students at the School of Medicine. 

“We want to get input from students all over the university,” said McWilliams. “Student experiences vary greatly from school to school, and even from department to department. The student advisory groups are a great first step in getting our students involved.” 

These student advisory groups are just one way the project plans to engage students in preparation for Workday Student. Read more about our other readiness engagements with students »