Making sense of course numbers

WashU will adopt a universal four-digit course numbering system to indicate course progression and to support curriculum management in Workday Student.

Introducing Workday business processes  

In Workday, a business process is an automated workflow that routes tasks to designated users. These processes will improve student experience and make operations more consistent and efficient.

Workday Student to replace advising systems

Schools and units will retire their individual advising systems to create a unified experience for students and advisors across the university.

Campus teams guide transformation

Project’s scope extends beyond technological transformation, examines tools, processes, policies and structures that support our academic mission

Streamlining and connecting our student systems

We are evaluating which of our academic systems can be replaced by Workday Student or another core application and identifying which systems need to exchange data with Workday.

Introducing Workday Student

Workday Logo

Implementing Workday to support WashU’s academic operations is a key component of the Student Sunrise project.