Which systems will the Student Sunrise project replace?

Workday Student will replace many of the more than 230 different systems that currently support academic and student operations at WashU. The project team is working to identify all systems currently used and determine – in partnership with schools, units and WashU IT – which systems will integrate with Workday, which systems will be replaced by Workday and which systems require a new solution altogether. Systems like Slate and Canvas will certainly stay. 

Some of our current systems are at the end of their life in need of replacement but are out of scope for Workday. For instance, we are not turning on Workday Student’s full financial aid functionality as Workday does not support WashU’s methodology for administering financial aid. We recently implemented PowerFAIDS as our new financial aid solution to replace our legacy STAR system. PowerFAIDS will integrate with Workday Student to ensure processes related to student financials and other areas run smoothly within Workday.