Will there be any fixes or enhancements to SIS between now and Workday Student go-live?

We realize that SIS will continue to be vital to WashU for the next few years since it is our main central student information system. Over the next few years, the SIS team will maintain the system to ensure its present functionality and ongoing data integrity. We’ll fix any issues that impact critical processes and make updates for regulatory, compliance and policy changes. However, the SIS team will not be making significant enhancements because:

  • SIS is old and fragile. This is one of the reasons we’re replacing it with Workday Student. The less we try to manipulate SIS, the better.
  • SIS data maintenance is a higher priority. We need to keep our data clean and up to date because we’ll be using it in Workday Student.
  • SIS will be retired after our go-live year, no earlier than Fall 2025. We’ll minimize short-term changes and shift our attention to building Workday Student to meet WashU’s future needs.